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Judge Interview

The former executive director of San Francisco Symphony, Mr Peter Pastriech participated for the first time as the judge for the 18th Tokyo International Music Competition for Conducting. In a book “The San Francisco Symphony” (Presidio Press) written by David Schneider (the then principal second violinist), he introduced, alongside a photo, that Mr Pastriech was “a strong negotiator who greatly contributed to the development of the orchestra”.

  • ─ Q: Were there any conductors who made an impression on you but didn’t make it to the final round?

    PP: Dean Whiteside. He’s very talented and talented in an American way. And I thought that most juries who were Japanese did not react to him the way I did.

  • ─ Q: Amongst the judges, you are the only person who does not actually go on stage.

    PP: Perhaps I moreover have an audience view in comparison to others but I am a professional manager who managed symphony orchestra for 50 years. So I would say that my view is not exactly the same as the audience or the conductor.

  • ─ Q: Do you think competition is the best way to find talent?

    PP: It is a way to find talent. I was involved in hiring conductors, assisting conductors and music directors for orchestras for a long period. I would say that the competition played a small part in seeking them. Mostly, I went to concerts to see how they sounded. met the conductors and talked to them, and talked to other musicians and orchestras on which conductors they liked and learned something from. I also talked to other managers who dealt with other conductors and travelled to Europe, Asia and America to seek conductors.